Things to do with your dog during self-isolation

Things To Do With Your Dog During Self-Isolation

As Australia is starting to move up stages in self-isolation, many more Australians are staying at home. While this is a little hard for us hoomans to adapt to, our dogs, while a little surprised, are more than happy to see us at home! With more time at home, it can be a waste if we don’t spend it well with our dogs! We have compiled a list of a couple of things you can do with your dog during self-isolation. Make the best of this time you spend together!

Exercise with your dog –

It is firstly important that your dog (and you!) get enough exercise during self-isolation. Walking your dog is still considered alright to do as an exercise activity for the current self-isolation regulations. Just ensure that you are keep to uncrowded areas and that you are keeping the 1.5m distance rule with other people. If you have the space at home, remember you can also spend time playing with your dog in your backyard. For those who don’t have as much space, you can have a shot at dog yoga. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that you can follow!

Teach your dog new tricks –

Take this time to teach your dog new tricks! This is one of the more productive things that you can do with your dog during self-isolation, though nevertheless an exciting one. The thought of spending so much time at home can be overwhelming. But everyone knows that you won’t even notice time pass once you start teaching your dog new tricks – it’s addicting! You can also focus on obedience training if you would like to work on this aspect with your dog as well.

Work from home with your dog –

It’s not every day you get to work with your dog on your lap! Working from home can get very lonely especially if you are used to working in a team. However, having your dog beside you when you’re working can ease the feeling of loneliness significantly. It can also break up your workday at home watching all the things your dog gets up to while you are trying to work. Let’s just hope that we manage to get some of our work done in the process as well!

Take a lot of pictures with your dog –

This is the best time to take Instagramming with your dog to the next level! Bond with your dog further during the process of taking some professional shots – if you can get your furbaby to sit that is! Or you might even get take some cute shots of you and your dog dressed up together! Whatever you choose, you’ll be on the way to creating a beautiful Instagram feed and bond closely with your dog. Taking more photos with your dog can also be a hobby that you continue instead of just being part of the things you do with your dog during self-isolation. Start up your dog’s own Instagram account and make you sure follow @Doggydayout!

Look for exciting events to go together online –

With the ban on public events, there have been a rise in virtual and online events to attend instead, extending all the way to pet events! Doggy Day Out also ran its first virtual event “Doggy Day IN” earlier in March and brought dog owners around Melbourne together in the online sphere to celebrate what it means to be a dog owner. Be on the lookout for pet events or dog events so that you can stay in touch with passionate dog owners in your local community. We don’t need to meet to share our love of dogs!

We hope that this gave you enough ideas to do things with your dog during self-isolation!  If you get up to something fun, let us know on our Facebook or Instagram page. We’d love to hear about what you did with your dog during this time. We wish everyone and their furbabies safe self-isolation.