The many benefits of learning tricks with your dog

In our previous post, one of the things to do with your dog during self-isolation, was teaching your dog new tricks. There are many benefits of learning tricks with your dog, and today we will focus on a few of them!

Improve your bond with your dog

Teaching your dog takes time, and every moment you spend with your dog is so precious. While the time you usually spend playing or relaxing with your furry friend helps you bond, the time you spend learning tricks with your dog helps you bond more closely. Dogs, just as much as humans, enjoy partnership. Learning tricks is a great way to express this partnership as you will be working together as a team to accomplish a goal. Rewarding your dog at the end of learning a trick can also make your furry friend really feel the accomplishment that the both of you have done together!

Keep your dog active (physically+mentally!)

For dogs, learning tricks works a little like how strength training works for us. It helps them tone their muscles and gain strength by doing these tricks repeatedly. The more physical energy these tricks take, the better it is for your furbaby to keep healthy and fit. Learning tricks is also mentally stimulating for dogs and keeps their minds active. Dogs are intelligent, so they enjoy the mental stimulation. This stimulation can assist in releasing built-up energy as well as increase their concentration. Again, the sense of accomplishment feeds into your dog’s positivity within itself and with you.

Enhance learning capacity and obedience

The benefits of learning tricks with your dog can especially be felt by puppy owners! If you have a puppy at home, you know that there is a lot of things to teach your puppy. The process of learning new things, especially when they are a puppy, may take time as they are not used to learning things. Teaching your puppy fun tricks alongside other basic commands and toilet training can increase your puppy’s learning capacity early on. The consistency will help them get used to learning and learn these other important commands more quickly and settle into their new home.

Help your dog stay calm

Your furbaby, especially if they are a high energy breed, may get excited very easily. Since tricks are a great way of increasing concentration and can help your dogs remember simple routines, they can help your dog calm down in situations where they get excited. This is especially valuable in public places or even visits to the vet when the external environment elevates your dog’s energy and excitement. The level of concentration required to carry out the trick distracts your dog from what is happening around and as a result calms him or her down.

Promote family time

Learning new tricks with your dog can be another outlet to spend time together as a family. This is especially true if you have young kids! Kids love spending time with dogs and learning new tricks together is a great way for to spend time together. Take a lazy Sunday afternoon to teach your dog a new trick as a family – this time will not only help you bond together with your dog, it will also help you bond together as a family. The only thing that’s better than learning new tricks with your dog is doing it together with the family!

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