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Supplies for your dog during a day trip

As we enter the warmer part of the year, day trips are a great way to relax and get out of the house. For us dog lovers, there is not a day trip that is more exciting than one we go on with our dogs! Unlike routine walks, day trips can help you bond with your dog in a new environment and take the time to play together in a spacious area. However, it is important to take certain supplies for your dog during these trips so that your fur buddy is comfortable. We’ve made a small list here to help you out!

Essential supplies for your dog

Water– With the weather getting warmer, it is important to ensure that your dog stays hydrated on day trips. Taking along a bottle of water and bowl for your dog to drink from is very important. Some parks do have drinking fountains for dogs but best to pack a spare bottle just in case.

Poop bags– Poop bags are an essential thing to take when you are on a day out with your dog. It’s important that we take responsibility for keeping the community clean when we spend time with our dogs and clean up after them.

Leads– Unless you are at a specifically signed off-lead dog park, many councils require that dogs need to be on a lead at all times. Ensure you pack this with you to comply with all council regulations and to keep your fur baby safe.

Fun stuffsupplies for your dog on a day trip

Treats– The same way we would like a treat or two a nice day out, our little buddy also loves treats on day trips. Treats are also a great thing on a day out especially if you plan to use it as an opportunity to teach your dog new tricks and reward them for good behaviour when meeting other dogs.

A Comfort Toy– Taking a toy with you on a day out can help your dog have fun when you are driving to your destination. It can also calm nerves if your dog is a little uncomfortable in a new environment as it gives your dog a sense of familiarity, so it is one of the supplies for your dog that you might definitely consider taking.

Ball/ frisbee– When you find the space to have some fun with your dog make sure you are ready with your dog’s favourite throwing toys. Spending some time throwing a ball or frisbee is great exercise for your dog (and us humans as well!).

And finally…

Lots and lots of energy, patience and care!– The final on this list of supplies for your dog is also very important! We know that our fur buddies tend to get really excited when it’s time to play and we want to be able to give them the most out of our time with them! Be well rested and ready to be patient, especially if trying new tricks!). If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, why not choose to spend the day with friends who also have friendly dogs so that your dog can be socialised and have fun with a fur-mate!

Enjoy your next day out with your fur buddy!


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