Paw Print Kit – For pickup at Pakenham Doggy Day Out


Do you love your dog and want to remember the mark they have made on your life?  What better way than a Paw Print Kit.  Capture your pet’s paw print with a no ink, mess free solution.  Use the kit to capture paw prints, hand prints and more. The use the print to either frame or turn into any number of objects in your own time.

The paw print kit includes special no mess, no ink solution, special print paper plus 4×6 photo frame.

Item must be picked up at the Doggy Day Out event in Pakenham 25 November 2018 between 10am and 2pm.

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  1. Wipe your dog’s paw with a dry towel or cloth.
  2. Open the Black Image Towelette and wipe it onto you dogs paw.Be careful when touching the paper, as you will have residue on yourhands that will develop a print if you touch it.
  3. Have your paper silky side up on a flat surface. You may want tocut your paper up so you can repeat this process multiple times.
  4. Place your dogs paw print on the paper and hold.
  5. Remove paw and allow the print to develop on the paper. If youhave a squirmy pup you may need to repeat this process to get aclearer print.
  6. Start the process again if you want to get more prints! You canuse the same towelette multiple times.
  7. Scan your paw print to your computer to preserve the print anduse digitally.
  8. Frame it to treasure forever! You can even use the towelette onhuman hands to create hand prints! It is totally safe & non-toxic.


  1. Cut paper with paw print to desired size and frame it.
  2. Edit it onto your favourite photos with your dog.
  3. Use the towelette on your hand & pair it with your dog’s paw print. Send the scanned paw print to a specialised jeweller to have your paw print made into jewellery.
  4. Embroidered/printed onto socks, t-shirts, pillows, tea towels + more!
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