Meditation Sessions – Warragul Doggy Day Out – 28 April 2019


Meditation Session By Holly from Deep Breath Yoga Community

Meditation is a practice of focusing your mind on a particular object, thought or activity.  This helps to train your attention and awareness and can help to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Holly from Deep Breath Yoga will take you through a guided meditation session.  This session will be in amongst the event day and will challenge you to focus on yourself and stop thinking about the outside distractions.  Doggy Day Out is about celebrating how dogs help enhance our mental health and wellbeing, so we encourage you to participate in a meditation session to help focus your mind.

Time: 1:45pm – 2pm

Price: $5 – with 100% of proceeds being donated to our charity partner.

Location: Burke Street Park, Warragul