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Our top 5 blogs from Pooches at Play

Pooches at Play is coming back to TV on Saturday 18th July at 2pm on Channel 10! We are excited to see what the new series is going to bring and the amazing tips they have to offer. Pooches at Play host and dog behaviourist/trainer Lara Shannon is a regular guest at our Doggy Day Out events and she always has useful new tips for dog owners. Lara Shannon’s tips and blog posts on Pooches at Play have helped dog owners across Australia learn more about our dogs and develop a better relationship with them.

Lara’s new book Eat, Play, Love Your Dog has also just been released this month and is available where all good books are sold, and is THE go-to guide for all dog owners.

We have gathered some of our favourite blog posts from Lara Shannon on the Pooches at Play website that we would love to share with you!

Our top 5 blogs from Pooches at Play


Grooming Tips For Dogs Of All Breeds

Keeping up a good brushing schedule is important to keep your fur baby clean! Pooches at Play gives insight into brushing schedules for different breeds of dogs. Regularly brushing your dog can prolong the time between washes. This blog also contains useful tips on dog grooming, like brushing your dog with long hair before washing to prevent their hair from matting. Head over to the Pooches at Play website to read more grooming tips for your dog!

How To Stop A Dog Jumping Up On People

Dogs jumping on people can be a difficult behaviour to fix. Lara Shannon advises dog owners on fixing this behaviour by first looking at the reason your dog is jumping on you and other people. She mentions that most of the time, dogs jump on us for our attention…and more often than not, us owners inadvertently reward them for this, which actually encourages them to keep doing it. The best way is to ignore it, and only reward the desired behaviour (ie: all 4 feet on the ground), to phase out the habit. Read more of Lara’s advice to stop your dog jumping up on the Pooches at Play website!

Keeping Your Dog Safe During Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms can cause a lot of stress for your dog as they don’t feel safe. In their panic, there is also a chance of them hurting themselves or getting lost. One solution is to create a safe and secure space at home. Lara recommends keeping your dog contained inside, crate training is ideal, as is allowing them access to a ‘safe space’ such as your bedroom, particularly if left alone, as this is where your scent is strongest and can keep your dog feeling safe when you are not at home. Read more from
Lara Shannon on keeping your dog feeling safe during a thunderstorm on the Pooches at Play website!

How To Clean Your Dog’s Toys

With dogs biting and playing with their toys in the dirt, dog toys can get quite dirty and it can be hard to clean them thoroughly without using strong cleaning agents. To avoid your fur baby ingesting harmful chemicals from harsh cleaning products, Pooches at Play explores a range of non-toxic options to clean various types of dog toys. Soft toys can be cleaned quite easily in the washing machine whereas dishwashers work better for hard dog toys. Read more details on the Pooches at Play website!

Selecting The Right Dog Coat For Your Pooch

Which dog coat you should choose for your dog depends on many factors. Lara Shannon outlines key things to consider, such as your dog’s breed, age and size to determine the best dog coat for your dog. She also mentions that you may find that your dog doesn’t need a coat at all! Lara also advises things to look out for when choosing a coat, including making sure that your dog can move freely in the coat and maintain a healthy temperature. To learn more on choosing the best dog coat for your dog, head over to the Pooches at Play website!

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