dog friendly beaches

Dog Friendly Beaches

With it finally coming to October, we know that warmer weather is here to stay! As Melbournians, we love the idea of going to the beach once the weather gets warmer. With the mix of land and water, beaches are a great place to play with your dog. Since Melbourne has a large number of beaches, it is sometimes hard to find the best dog friendly beaches, but not to worry, we’ll take care of that for you. Here is a list of some of dog friendly beaches that are leash-free all year round – you can’t get much more dog friendly than that!

St Kilda West Beach

St Kilda West Beach is a gem among dog friendly beaches. One of the highlights of this beach particularly is the walk which is accompanied by the breathtaking view of the Melbournian coast. On sunnier days, which are still to come, the glint and sparkle of the water magnifies the beauty of the coastline. The beach also has a lot of space for your dog to run around on the sand and play lots of games. If you live close to the city and are looking for some down time with your dog this summer, the St Kilda West Beach is the place to go!

Mentone Beach

Mentone Beach is another gorgeous dog friendly beach that we just had to add to our list. With accessible routes, it is a popular beach on Port Philip Bay that is loved by the people near Mentone, Mordialloc and Parkdale. The large stretch of sand is bountiful for fun and games while the walking paths give you the chance to do your regular walking activities with a change in view! There are also many regular dog walkers giving your little fur buddy lots of opportunities to meet new friends on this beach as well. Don’t forget to pop down to a nearby restaurant or dog-friendly cafe and grab something nice and filling after a long day of playing.

Sandringham Harbour Beach

Sandringham Harbour Beach is another gem among dog friendly beaches. Located near the busy suburbs of Melbourne, this beach is a great place to pop in after a day’s work and enjoy the longer evenings this spring and upcoming summer. Being a harbour, this beach has a lot of boating clubs around the vicinity adding a picturesque background to your day at the beach. This dog friendly beach is also a great place for dogs that love to swim, so be prepared and pack towels in the car when you come to visit this beach. It’s bound to be a work out!

Sandown St Beach

Sandown St Beach is located on Port Philip Bay off the suburb of Brighton. While there are a lot of beaches that lie near each other in this area, this beach is a great little spot for you and your dog. This dog friendly beach looks over a harbour of yachts which adds a refreshing dimension to the natural beauty of the beach. This beauty, coupled with striking sunsets at the end of the day, this beach is a great place to play and relax with your dog whether you choose to spend the whole day or just pay a quick visit.

If you know any other great dog friendly beaches, let us know in the comments below!

There may be parking fees that apply to some of the beaches that are listed above.

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