Dog charities in Melbourne need your help

Dog charities in Melbourne that you can support during lockdown

There are many dog charities in Melbourne that are still doing their best to help dogs despite the COVID-19 lockdown. These organisations need our help to keep doing the amazing work they are doing. COVID-19 has been taxing for people, but if you can help in any way, we know that these organisations will appreciate your efforts! Charities and not-for-profit organisations who are dedicated to helping dogs benefit from donations. But if you can’t spare some change, even just sharing their social media pages can help!

We’d like to shout out some of the local charities and not for profit organisations that we have worked with in the past in the hope that it helps them continue their amazing work.

Not-for-profit organisations & dog charities in Melbourne

On their 8th year now, Starting Over Dog Rescue save dogs from pounds and bring them over to Melbourne. These rescue dogs are then fostered in the homes of volunteers to improve their temperament and help them get ready for family homes. Once the dogs are ready, Starting Over Dog Rescue open applications for adoption so that the dogs can be rehomed. Donations are crucial for this rescue group as it helps fund the food or medical expenses for the dogs under their care. You can donate to them through their website.

Hear No Evil is another not for profit organisation in Melbourne that devote their time to saving dogs from pounds. Their aim is to promote the adoption of deaf and special needs dogs by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming them. They also offer advice to owners of deaf dogs to increase the level of information available around these special dogs. Hear No Evil are currently looking for carers across Australia to foster dogs. Visit their website to put in an application if you can help them out!

Punkin Pooch volunteer their time and efforts in making and selling handmade dog accessories (think cute snufflemats and bandanas!) using recycled materials. They donate 100% of the profits made from their sales to the Cocker Spaniel Rescue Inc (CSRA). Punkin Pooch are dedicated to creating these accessories and often come out with new designs – we just love their new pink snufflemat that came out earlier in June. To support this organisation, jump onto their Facebook Page and order a snufflemat. They are super cute and give your fur baby at home a new toy to play with!

Founded in 1985, Stafford Rescue Victoria are another organisation dedicating their time to pet rescue. They are passionate about rescuing Staffords and finding them a forever home where they will be treated as a member of the family. Stafford Rescue Victoria also sell a variety of accessories on their online store. All the profits from selling these accessories directly fund the rescue and rehoming of Staffords. There are many ways you can support this organisation from donating all the way to volunteering your time or becoming a foster carer. Visit their website for more information!

We hope that these dog charities in Melbourne can continue their amazing work. Together, we can help dogs in need through COVID-19!

dog charities in Melbourne work hard to ensure all dogs can live a good life
dog charities help dogs get adopted and have a new life like this one
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